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All FAQ's about Coconet Answered...
What is fair usage policy? Does coconet have a fair usage policy?

Most Internet service providers enforce a fair usage policy to control the data downloading limit. After you download a particular amount of data, either you are charged extra or your speed become lower than before. While they call the product Unlimited, an FUP which comes as a special condition. We at Coconet have special FUP plans.

What is the difference between Unlimited Plans and Data transfer plans?

Unlimited plans offer complete freedom to customers to download data to any extent. There is no limit to the amount of data that can be downloaded.

In data limit plans you can download only till your data limit expires post which you will have to renew your account to stay connected.

What is the total cost I will incur to get a coconet broadband connection?

The total cost you incur to get a new coconet broadband connection includes the plan price, service tax and the installation cost.

What are the documents to be furnished to get a coconet broadband connection?
  • Passport size photograph
  • Photo identity - Ration card/Passport/ Company Id /Driving license / Aadhar Card
  • Address proof- Ration card/Passport/ Gas connection statement /Electricity bill/ Rental agreement/ Telephone bill
  • Customer Application Form (provided by Coconet)
  • The above documents need to be submitted to the Synchrist business associate along with the payment by DD/ cheque.
Do I need to purchase a modem for Coconet broadband?

No you don’t need a modem for using coconet broadband thus you can save on the modem cost.

How do I shift my broadband connection when I change my premises?

You can shift your broadband connection provided there is feasibility in the new location, by paying a nominal fee.

What happens in case there is a power Cut?

Power cut does not affect the Coconet transmission of data. But the CPE present at the customer end requires power. So if you have power backup through UPS, you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted browsing.

Can I have more than one coconet broadband connection? What if I need connection on multiple PCs?

To enjoy dedicated speeds take individual connections for PCs. If you take one home broadband connection and use it on two PCs at the same, your broadband speed will be equally divided between the two PCs.

Why is coconet Broadband better than other broadband connections?

With Coconet broadband you can choose from a wide variety of plans based on your requirement and budget. We provide day/ night plans which give higher speeds at night and help you save more.

  • Coconet broadband is a prepaid service so you can have a control over your monthly spends on the Internet.
  • To get coconet broadband you need not purchase a modem or landline, and can reduce your cost.
  • We do not enforce a fair usage policy (FUP) on our unlimited plans.
  • We have pairing with google. This means all google application can be used as if it is on your LAN (Local Area Network). Watch youtube HD movies without buffering.
Will more coconet broadband users online slow down my connection?

More than the number of users online, it is the kind of applications that they use while online that influences the speed. So your speed will not be negatively affected just because you have many coconet broadband users online. But it will marginally decrease if all of them at the same time indulge in data intensive activities online.

What configuration is required on my PC to get a coconet broadband connection?

The coconet partner (Franchisee) or coconet Business Associate will check your PC for the following configuration and give you an appropriate feedback.

  • 1 GHz or higher processor
  • Windows Vista/XP/Windows 7
  • CD-ROM /DVD Drive
  • Minimum of 1GB RAM
Do I need a landline connection to get Coconet broadband? Will I get a free landline connection?

No, you don’t need a landline to get a Coconet broadband connection. There is no relevance of a landline connection for Coconet broadband.

Will my broadband get disconnected immediately after the due date of renewal?

To enjoy uninterrupted connectivity from Coconet broadband, you need to renew your account before the due date of renewal.

How many days will my user id be valid if I do not renew my account on time?

Your user id and password will be valid for 30 days after expiry of your pack.

How can I change my broadband plan?

You can change your plan once your present plan expires. During renewal you can select the plan of your choice.

Can I access my account from another PC with Coconet broadband connection?

Since the account with Coconet broadband is limited to the footprint of the local service provider, you might not be able to do this.

Whom should I contact in case of complaints?

In case of any connectivity or service issue contact our customer care at:

What should I do if my broadband speed becomes slow?

Please check the pinging status and delete all the cookies and temporary files then restart your PC. For any further assistance please call Coconet customer care.

About Coconet

A strong backbone of above 30G at the core and with entire Maharashtra within our coverage, Coconet Broadband will soon extend its quality service all across Maharashtra and Other States as well. Currently operational in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune Coconet Broadband is delivering high speed broadband to all our esteemed customers and franchisees.

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